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About Otafun
Completely and Utterly dedicated to boys, girls, men, women, geezers, hags, mortals, immortals, plue, pururin, akachan ningen, and any other creatures or non-creatures from anime, manga, games, visual novels, and all things Otaku, Otafun brings you high-quality picture battles in Hotness, Cuteness, Coolness, Tsundere-ness, Strength, and many more categories through battles, tournaments, and rivalries to enhance, enrich, and expand your Otaku mind by encompassing and transcending all those who belong in your two-dimensional world waiting to be mingled and intertwined during your after-school tea time. Enjoy.
New Pictures :
Erina Nakiri, Android 18, Android 18, Android 18, Android 18

New Characters:
Android 18, Hinata Hyuga, Pudding Charlotte, Kumin Tsuyuri, Rikka Takanashi

Updated on 2018-10-04 05:55:54
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